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I contacted Joe through a referral. He answered all of my questions over the phone and took me out the following day to look at 3 different homes. I found a home I loved and Joe went through all the options and details with me. I hadn't been pre-approved yet so he sent me several referrals for mortgage professionals. Turns out I have some credit repair to do and wouldn't be able to purchase right away. I needed a rental and Joe took care of it. He's continued to check in with me and we are hopeful to buy next spring. Joe was great to work with and really went above and beyond what I felt a realtor would do for me. I'm very pleased and excited to purchase my home and work with Joe!

We are extremely pleased with our experience with Joe. We viewed a listing he had and hit it off with him right away. His listing wasn’t right for us, but we still wanted to work with him as we were debating whether to renovate our current home or buy a new larger home. Joe came to our home and spent an unbelievable amount of time asking questions about our goals, needs and budget. After touring our home he did a market analysis and we heard the un-expected. Keep your home and renovate it. I couldn't believe my ears. After Joe showed us the comparable properties in our neighborhood and discussed our renovations and budget he was certain we would be better off and more equitable if we kept our home and did the renovations. I thought why in the world would he have said that? I thought for sure he was going to tell us to buy a bigger place because that would have been the only way he would earn a commission. Joe telling us to stay put and renovate got him no business at all from us! I'm still stunned! After he showed us all the possibilities and numbers we agreed he was 100% accurate. Staying put was a much better option for us. I asked him why he didn't tell us to upgrade since now we won't be selling or buying. He told me that his goal was to get us the best deal and in this situation we already had it. He also said that just because we didn't buy or sell our home with him didn't mean we couldn't tell our friends/family about our experience. He was right! That is the exact reason I wrote this review! I would recommend Joe to anyone! His honesty and integrity are 2nd to none! A+

I found Joe through a friend of mine. He was very helpful throughout our 6 months of house hunting. He did a great job pointing out the pro's and con's in each home we looked at. This was my first purchase and he was very encouraging and informative about everything. I must have e-mailed him a thousand times and he always got back to me right away. I'm really happy that I worked with him and I would refer him to anyone.

I hired Joe Moore based on a friends referral. I was extremely pleased with the level of service he provided. I had several investment properties that I was attempting to sell quickly. Joe facilitated a buyer on one of my Eden Prairie properties. He was able to work out a short sale deal with my bank and bring the buyer in for purchase. All of this was accomplished while I had 3rd party renters in the property. The way Joe was able to position my situation to the bank allowed me to avoid foreclosure. I thought it would be impossible for him to work out a short sale with a closed listing. I was wrong! He did a phenomenal job! If I ever move back to Minnesota I will be calling Joe!

Joe worked with my husband and I for nearly 8 weeks. We searched new homes and discussed options on our current property. We wanted to move to a better school district and were excited to get started!

Joe worked with our mortgage banker and determined that our pre-approval wouldn't get us exactly what we wanted. We came up with a game plan on how to pay-off some debt so we could buy in the school district we wanted our kids in.

We are now nearly debt free and will be looking again with Joe this summer. He was wonderful to work with and has stayed in contact with us throughout our process. He's even responded to requests on homes that I've liked even though he knows we can't buy anything right now.

I am very happy with Joe and believe that he is truly out to find us the best possible home for our family. He's quick to answer questions and he has done an exceptional job of keeping our emotions at an even level